The Effortless Solution to a Beautiful Lawn.

Does never mowing your lawn again sound good to you? You can now make this reality with an automated mowing system!

Visualize Your Automated Mowing Solution

  • Healthy Grass

    Since the automated mower cuts a small amount of grass off on every pass but cuts more often, this leads to a healthier lawn that looks great!

  • Charging Station

    It is a truly unattended mowing solution. The mower will automatically navigate it's way back to the charging station when needed. As pictured above the mower finds its way back to the charging station via the "Guide Line".

  • Environmental Friendly

    The Automower is a quiet, clean, emissions-free solution for your lawn.

  • Mowing Schedule

    The Automower is generally always mowing, keeping the grass short, but you can set a schedule for the mower on when you would like it to mow. This is done with an app. This allows you to make sure it's not mowing during high traffic hours in your lawn.

  • Safety Features

    The auto mower has collision and lift sensors to stop it from injuring any people or pets in your yard and also from damaging landscaping.

  • GPS Technology & Anti-Theft

    Certain Automower models have multiple anti-theft features including a PIN protection and alarm. You can also opt for a model with on-board GPS that helps with anti-theft and lawn navigation.

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