The Right Solution For You

Answer Just A Few Questions and We Can Recommend a Solution.

Basic Solution

$175 / month
  • Mower System Install
  • Spring Start Up & Fall Closing
  • Winter Storage
  • Blade Maintenance / Change Out

Premium Solution

$275 / month
  • Everything from Standard Solution
  • Landscape Bed Maintenance
  • Spring Clean-Up
  • Weed Control & Plant Pruning

Basic Solution

The Basic Automated Mowing Solution is for small yards that are flat and have very minimal obstacles. We consider a small yard usually under 0.2 acres.

Standard Solution

The Standard Automated Mowing Solution is the most common we recommend. This mower can handle the average sized lawn with some slopes and uneven terrain with obstacles.

Premium Solution

The Premium Automated Mowing Solution is for large yards that may or may not have many slopes and more complex terrain. We consider a large yard usually over 0.5 acres.

Who We Service

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